Conscious Streams

We’re halfway there (10 months)

10 months ago we started this journey through the coronavirus pandemic, and 10 months later, here we are. Things look different for many of us. Some of us have moved, changed jobs, graduated high school or university, and many of us have felt fear or frustration towards an uncertain future. But we have made it this far, and that is something that deserves to be celebrated. 10 months ago, if you had told me that…

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oh, it’s been so hard to write.

Hello everyone. Or should I say, hey all you cool cats and kittens! Who else is watching Tiger King these days? What a crazy, crazy, story. I swear some people in the States are on a completely different level than the rest of us. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, and I have yet to post any personal stories of mine. They are coming, I promise. I have been working on one for…

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welcome to my stream of consciousness

I’m finally doing this thing. This thing that I’ve been so terrified to do for so long… I’m launching my website and starting my blog, for real this time. I say for real this time because five years ago I had a blog. Five and a half years ago I wrote about my experiences as a bright-eyed twenty-year-old living in London, completely unaware of the twists and turns life had in store for me and…

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