PUB 201

Process Post 9 – Customer Engagement

There is a girl I follow on Instagram by the name of Catie Fenn who was on The Bachelor Canada. She runs a business dedicated to helping women find themselves, and she offers soul retreats where she aims to help others reconnect with their true selves. In a sense, she’s doing something that I hope to do someday, but perhaps a bit differently.

I am on her mailing list, and while I must admit I don’t read every email thoroughly, going back and looking through some of the old ones I’ve received from her, I remember why I signed up for her mailing list in the first place. She talks about so many things that I talk about: feeling lost, feeling like you’re not happy in your life despite having everything you thought you wanted, and not knowing how to change it. Her messages resonate with me, which is why I follow her.

I really only engage with brands that I find resonate with me personally. I am not very much into surface level interactions, as I find that they don’t add much value to my life. I think for the last few years I’ve been on a journey to discover what it is I’m truly meant to do here, and so for me, finding others who have these same kinds of thoughts is really powerful.

Catie is a good example of someone who isn’t afraid to say what she truly feels. That courage and that bravery is what I gravitate towards in a brand. It’s what I’m hoping to do here too.

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