PUB 201

Process Post 8 – Knowing my Audience

My audience at this point is basically my friends. In the past I found that it was easier to get your blog out there, but I think nowadays perhaps blogs are not the best platform to market yourself on. Either way, I enjoy writing and I still believe in blogging as a creative outlet.

Nowadays, I think that Instagram and podcasts are better for getting yourself out there and making a name for yourself. The gen z crows tends to prefer Instagram, and I know my fellow millennials love a good podcast. These are two platforms I would love to take better advantage of in the future, but I think first I must work to grow my audience.

Looking at my analytics, I know that there are people viewing my site from Canada, the US, and China. I would say that the majority of my site viewers are from Instagram, with a few being from our class. Again, in the past when I had a blog, I found that random people would come and comment positive things, whereas this time around it seems that the blog doesn’t really get out there as much.

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