PUB 201

Process Post 3 – Monetization/Marketing

Whenever the topic of monetization comes up, I’m not going to lie, my eyes glaze over a bit. In all honesty, the thought of doing this to make money kind of makes me want to fall asleep. Even though I would like to reach the masses, I don’t feel like what I’m currently doing is enough to make a living.
However, if I do decide to one day push for revenue, I do have a few ideas of what I could do. But I think many of them would have to happen outside of this blog. I would like to keep this blog for my honest thoughts, and not have too many outside brand deals.

First, I think I would have to grow my Instagram. Instagram is a great platform for affiliate marketing, and people make a killing on there if they have the right partnerships that cater to the demographic of their followers. I, for instance, follow a lot of past Bachelor contestants, and they do a lot of brand deals.

Another place where I could generate revenue I think is through a podcast. Podcasts typically have sponsors, and so I’m sure I could find some if I started to gain a large enough following. Podcasts with a decent following typically have a few ads sprinkled throughout each episode, and while some people may find them annoying, I think if done correctly it can be a good source of significant income.

Thirdly, I would eventually like to take my brand to YouTube. In the past, I know that YouTube has been a significant source of revenue for influencers, and while I believe that some of the rules have changed, I think that this still stands. Videos that are monetized with many views can bring in considerable revenue to the creator.

Ultimately, I am not selling any tangible products. The product is me, my thoughts, and my personality, and so at this point, I do not have a marketing strategy. I will continue to share the blog with friends, but because I am not writing with the goal of getting clicks, it may be quite a while before the site begins to see some considerable traffic.

I think in the future I may try to beef up site traffic by learning more about SEO and how I can incorporate that into my writing. I know I have important things to say that people would like to read about, so it’s just about getting into the right groove and getting the site in the hands of the right people. But it’s a process.

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