PUB 201

Peer Review Three

Prabhjot’s site is clearly not just a blog, it is a business website, and the business is clear. He is running a photography business and his site is geared towards showing potential clients what they can expect from his work. I like that his site has a clear and easy to navigate layout and that he not only shares photos that he’s taken but has a video where he illustrates what his business is about and what you can find on his site.

Prabhjot’s business model appears to be quite simple—he is offering a service, and the service is photography. He does weddings, portraits, and engagements, and all of his photos are in a similar style so you know exactly what you’re getting if you book a session with Prabhjot. Not only does he offer his portfolio on his website, however, but he also offers tips that you can use to improve your own photography.

The section for improving your own photography adds a nice element because it is more personal than simply viewing a gallery of photos. We get to see what Prabhjot considers to be a good photography tip, and we get to learn from his expertise. This element of his site adds something extra to the business.

If Prabhjot were to continue the writing as well as the photography itself, this would be a good opportunity for some monetization. He could partner with camera companies, write reviews, and could be a really big help to someone who is either new to photography and looking for tips, or someone who knows what they’re doing and would like the perspective of a fellow photographer. I see his professional blog posts as a great potential source of monetization.

Additionally, I think his Instagram page could be a real asset for him. Growing his following on there could generate more potential clients, and also brand partnerships. I am not too sure how many opportunities there are for photographers to do brand deals, but I do know of photographers who have worked with brands and have offered them their services and have been able to have their work featured on the brand’s personal social media pages. Something like that could be a great source of exposure for Prabhjot, and ultimately, revenue.

Overall, I think Prabhjot has a really great business started. He seems to understand photography well, can take a good picture, and is open to sharing his tips with the world! Good job Prabhjot!

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