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Peer Review 2

Upon first glance, Alexandra and I seem to have a similar style in our sites. We’re both doing personal blogs, although hers is more in line with the student lifestyle than mine is. I appreciated the clean and minimalist design, and while it may not have all the bells and whistles of a site that has been designed by someone who knows their way around coding and graphic design, I still liked it.

Her posts center around the student experience, and as someone who has been a student for many years, I can definitely appreciate that! The money-saving tips were helpful, as was her post on how to choose a major. Both were well written and thought-provoking.

In one of her process posts, Alexandra writes that she is not very skilled in graphic design, and I can certainly relate. She feels like she may be a bit behind the crowd of our field for this reason, and it was nice to see that someone felt a similar way to how I feel. Authenticity is super important to me, and so these types of thoughts are of great interest to me.

I would love to see more personal stories of Alexandra’s time at university. I know that she is only in her second year and by golly, she will have some stories by the time it’s all said and done, but thinking back to my second year I still had stories to share and experiences to tell! Personalization rather than just general advice I think would go a long way and set the blog apart from similar blogs that may be out there.

I’d love to read about why Alexandra chose SFU, why she chose her major (communication?) and what she hopes to achieve during her time here… not just career-wise, but what things does she hope to experience and accomplish while at SFU? I love to read people’s personal anecdotes, and personal anecdotes, in my opinion, are what truly set apart a good blog from a great blog. Don’t be afraid to truly let your personality shine through in your writing Alexandra!

Overall, I think Alexandra’s blog is well done and well written. She has a lot of room for growth and I see that as only a positive. Moving forward, I hope to see more stories from her student life at SFU, and more posts about her general educational journey.

Alexandra’s blog:

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