PUB 201

Peer Review 1

Today I will be writing a review of Noelle’s blog ( Her site is clean and has a calming aesthetic. I really liked her use of neutral tones as it gives the reader a calm and relaxing feel.

I can see that her site is in its beginning stages, as is mine. I think it’s nice to see a site be built from the ground up and to see that you’re not alone in crafting your online presence. I think I am still figuring out how I want my blog to look, and what my “aesthetic” will be, and I feel like perhaps this is the case with Noelle’s site too. Don’t worry Noelle! We have loads of time to polish our sites and make them perfect!

I like how Noelle and I have similar themes in our sites. We are both writers who are wanting to share our personal selves with the world, which can be an incredibly nerve-wracking thing to do. How will our work be received? Will our message be understood by those reading our blog? It’s nice to see that other young people are having these same thoughts that I am having, and are also grappling with how to open up and be authentic without overdoing it.

I really enjoyed Noelle’s first post. It was written from the first-person perspective, and it was very descriptive without giving away how we got to this scene or who the people in the scene are. I haven’t read a piece like this in quite some time and it brought me back to creative writing in high school, or that one time I took a poetry class when I went to Douglas College. I love descriptive pieces like this that still have an air of mystery to them.

As a romantic, I also loved the romance of it all. A couple goes to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve, and they don’t even care. I love that. I particularly related to the line “My last four or five January firsts had begun anti-climatically, in blurs of champagne in places I did not recognize after kissing lips I did not particularly care for.” Girl, same! New Year’s has been such a disjointed holiday for me for the last seven or so years of my life and it’s so nice to read other people’s similar experiences. You always hope for the best but you end up disappointed, confused, and not sure what the hell happened sometimes! 

Noelle’s brand is herself, but herself through her written word. She is sharing glimpses of what her life is, and I like the way that it is done. It has inspired me to write more creatively. It’s kind of like a poetry aesthetic, but with more detail.

I like the simplicity of the layout, and I like the photos that she adds. They certainly add to the creative writing aesthetic and the fact that they match the content of her posts is engaging as well.

Noelle’s blog is in its early stages, but I’m already thoroughly enjoying what I’m reading. I look forward to what she shares in the future!

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