false start//april 15

I’m terrified of what you are,
Not for what you are, but for what you could be.
I’m sitting here looking at you, 
but you have no idea I’m doing it.
I swear to God you feel it too,
but you’ll never show it.
365 days ago I walked 
Alone at night, not a care in sight.
I was as happy as could be.
But tonight I’m all alone and it’s different 
As this strange cloud hangs over me.
I never thought we’d be here now, 
So close yet so far apart.
I’ve never known a feeling so bizarre
As having such a false yet passionate start.
And now as this year draws to a close,
I don’t know what to tell you.
Part of me wishes I could see you.
Part of me never wants to.
Because I’m terrified
Of what you could be,
Because I never got to know
What you really are,
And because maybe now I’ll never know.
We're just too far apart.

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