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24 Things I’ve Learned in 24 Days of Quarantine

  1. Eating out was never as necessary as I thought it was
  2. Alcohol was never as necessary as I thought it was
  3. I am not as extroverted as I thought I was
  4. Things that cause a major disruption in your life can be traumatizing and can have lasting effects
  5. There are more tigers living in captivity in the United States than there are in the wild
  6. I genuinely do not understand cat people
  7. People react to things in all sorts of different ways
  8. It’s not weird to reach out to people you wouldn’t normally reach out to
  9. I need to learn to ask for help
  10. The ignorant and the self-righteous are equally annoying
  11. I was way too hard on myself throughout my university journey
  12. I can spend loads of time indoors and not lose my mind
  13. I understand now why dogs get excited to go for walks
  14. Diet culture is more ingrained in society than I previously realized
  15. Viruses are crazy
  16. Doing silly dances on TikTok is fun no matter how old you are and screw you if you disagree
  17. All of my feelings of confusion over the years have been normal given the circumstances I’ve found myself in
  18. I really want to try and eat less meat
  19. Toner makes a huge difference in a skincare routine
  20. One person’s time of pain and strife is another person’s time of healing and growth
  21. Being single is truly a blessing in times like these
  22. Living at home is a blessing in times like these
  23. It is surprisingly easy for me to become invested in a stranger’s personal life
  24. Things are always working in your favour, even when it feels like they aren’t

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