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ciroc and cran, could you be my man?

Last spring, someone gave me a feeling that I’ve never felt in this city before. It was like smelling the perfect scented candle at a bookstore, having that first sip of a latte that was made just right, or finding a $20 bill on the ground. It was luck, chance, serendipitous, and for as long as I live, I will never forget the night that I met him.

I had gotten up unusually early that day to try and get back an old volunteer job. My best friend texted me that morning and asked if I wanted to go out that night. It was a Monday, but I said yes because I’m always down.

Once I was done with my volunteering, I hopped on the SeaBus and went to North Vancouver. I didn’t have any particular reason to go there, but it was a sunny day and on nice days I like to hang out by myself sometimes and just wander around. I decided to pop over to Park Royal and buy a new outfit for the evening—something casual, but different than my same old, same old.

I settled on a pair of Topshop Jamie jeans and a bodysuit from Forever 21 (RIP). It’s strange that I bought a new outfit that day, because I’m not usually one to buy a new outfit for a night out, but something just came over me that day and I felt inclined to put in a little bit more effort than normal. I wanted to feel hot.

The other strange thing about that day was how long it took us to finally get to the club. I couldn’t find the pair of shoes that I wanted to wear, and when I finally settled on a different pair and got out the door, I had to wait for my friends for an hour. We ended up not getting to the club until almost midnight, which funnily enough, ended up being perfect timing…

It was my first time at this club and I wasn’t sure what to expect. As I walked up the steps, the booming bass of the R&B hits filled my eardrums, and I looked around at a sea of early twenty-somethings. I had recently turned 25 and so I had become much more aware of my age, a by-product of still being in university after seven years. 

After a shot of tequila, we walked over to the dance floor. We weren’t dancing for very long when a guy walked up to us with the strangest proposition I’d ever heard. He said that he and his friends had too much alcohol, and asked if we wanted some.

I can’t even remember who said what and how it all happened, but the next thing I know me and my bestie were standing there with two drinks this rando had poured us, and I was waiting for her to take a sip because I was lowkey afraid that he was trying to drug us. She took a sip, and so did I, and then I sat down next to him. At that point, everyone else disappeared, leaving just him and me together.

As dramatic as it sounds, I swear my life has never been the same since that moment. It was like in a movie where everything slows down and there’s nothing on your mind but being present in the moment. And at the time, I don’t even think I realized it, which makes it all the more magical looking back.

I saw this Instagram post recently that said “sometimes when you meet someone, there’s a click. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I believe in that click.” Well, I too believe in that click, and that night I felt it. When it was time to go, I didn’t want to say goodbye.

But it was weird because I wasn’t even sure if I liked this guy. I mean, we had only spent like an hour or so together so he was basically a stranger. But there was just something about him… he had my attention.

A little while later, while we were looking for our friend’s car, he texted me asking if I was okay and asking me to go to the McDonald’s near his house. I said no bitch, sorry, and then one of the guys my friends had just met took my phone and texted “not sorry” and told me I needed to let him come to me. I will never forget this moment because it was such classic, sage advice yet so funny because, while at that moment I took it, I definitely did not stick to it after that night. 

For the first few days after we met, I was cool. I still sort of had a crush on someone else, so I wasn’t completely ready to dive in with this guy. But that click… It was just so promising. 

We started talking, and, instead of going with the flow and seeing where things went, I got ahead of myself. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have ignored the signs. I’m old enough to know that if a guy wants to date you, he will make the effort and things will get moving fairly shortly.

But that click… it stayed with me. I couldn’t ignore it. I didn’t want the fun to be over before it had even begun.

But the click could be ignored by one of us. Late one night, two weeks after we first met, he told me that he had recently gotten out of a long-term relationship. This explained why he didn’t seem too eager to go out with me, and why nothing had happened yet. 

You think the story ends there, don’t you? Perhaps a smart girl would have cut her losses and walked away at hearing this new information, but I was not a smart girl. I was an emotional girl who felt a connection that I needed to see through…

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