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will you be my man? turns out, you can’t

When I’ve made my mind up about something, it’s very hard for me to let go of that. So when I heard about homeboy’s inability to move forward with me romantically, I wasn’t gonna let that stop me. I was disappointed, but I decided to put it aside.  After all, we had finally made plans to meet! We did the tourism challenge together, a month-long challenge for people who work in hotels and tourist attractions…

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ciroc and cran, could you be my man?

Last spring, someone gave me a feeling that I’ve never felt in this city before. It was like smelling the perfect scented candle at a bookstore, having that first sip of a latte that was made just right, or finding a $20 bill on the ground. It was luck, chance, serendipitous, and for as long as I live, I will never forget the night that I met him. I had gotten up unusually early that…

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